Coming home: Sognare, esplorare, fare.

In 18 days I will be on a flight home to the US, and needless to say, this year has been the best year of my life. I have lost myself, discovered myself, and, even if only just a little, improved myself.

I am not sad to go home, but I am sad to leave…

I am leaving behind positive things, but I am also coming home to others. My family will be all together once again after three years of jobs, school and life pulling us apart. I will start my last years of college at UT Austin, and I will be starting fresh.

It’s all bittersweet.

This past year I have fallen in love, both with people, places and friends. I have fallen out of love, had my heart broken, and been treated badly by people I thought were friends. I have lived on little money, and I have found fortunes. I have traveled to 12 countries, I have had my stereotypes changed, and I have changed other’s stereotypes. I have been in danger, I have felt like I was standing on the top of the world, I have made friends I will never forget, and I have gained weight. I have battled my depression, and I have always won. I have started smoking, and I have stopped smoking. I have been alone in Cosimo I’s room, I have stood in front of Botticelli’s, Donatello’s, Lippi’s, Bellini’s, Michelangelo’s, Leonardo’s, Ghiberti’s, Cimabue’s, Masolino’s, Massaccio’s, Giotto’s, Bronziono’s, Delacroix’s, Turner’s, Titan’s, Eyck’s, Vermeer’s, and Gentileschi’s. I have read Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarch. I can understand Italian, and kind of speak it 😉 I have been lost, and I have been found. I have believed in God, I have believed in Buddha, and I have believed in myself. I have grown, and I have fallen back again. I am not perfect, but I am different. I have wanderlust, and I know everything really is possible if you make it. I know life is what you choose… I know life is in your hands. I have realized you must be your best friend first, and depend on other second. I have discovered I am sexy, I feel my inside glow, and see the positivity I bleed out. I know I am strong and independent when I look back at all the things I have accomplished and overcome in the past year. I have learned to never judge at first sight, cause 9 times out of 10 you are wrong. I have learned to never categorize someone, because you never know when you’ll miss out on some of the coolest people in the world because of your judgements. I see that you must let go of things, and others you must hold tight. I realize friends, loves, wealth and moments where not meant to last forever. They were meant for that time in your life when you needed them the most.

I just know Austin will be positive for me, and I know I will bring fragments of Florence with me there.

This is a new chapter, with new friends, a new job, a change of pace, a change in daily culture and something I am looking forward to.

So heres to Florence, to Austin, to Italians, to Turks, to Americans, to Europeans, to dreams, to friends, to food, to wine, to spirituality, to love and to discovering yourself.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Sognare, Esplorare, Fare.



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2 responses to “Coming home: Sognare, esplorare, fare.

  1. bwucinski

    This post gave me chills 🙂

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