Remedial math: Life’s little equations.

Your life is made up of your own equation, and your happiness, health and situation are its outcome. The food you eat, the things you read, and the people you add into your life, all effect that equation. Life is about balancing and eventually finding your own perfect equilibrium.

But, there are factors out there making this balancing act a tough one. Factors such as emotions, passions, wants, and preconceived needs, that make this addition and subtraction of the good and the bad a real bitch. And then there are also those tricky factors. Those ones that deceive you. The ones that feel so positive, but are really just so negative. They are the things that add the bad ‘ju-ju’ in your life, the things that only result in the hurt, low self-esteem, and heartbreak. It’s these hidden evils, like a pieces of double-fudge chocolate cake, that seem so good, but in reality they are just bad.

Recently in my life negatives have been effecting my equation and unfortunately been turning my positive energy southwards.

The kicker is, this negative force in my life blinds me. It blinds me with its sugarey-coated wonderfulness, my feelings of needing it, and it has only left me with a killer case of food poisoning…

It’s the dangerous energies like these that I find myself losing sleep for, lying awake crying for, and making me feel heartbreak. It’s the mental baggage that wont go away- it’s that five pounds on your ass you just can’t seem to get rid of. And it’s so easy to just say, well, hello… subtract the negatives and add the positives! But the reality is, it’s not that easy. Yet the only way to ever be happy and balanced is to toughen up, and force the negatives out of your life.


Finding the positives…

-She is gives me hope, she is my role model.

-We have such wonderful, thought-provoking conversations.

-He makes me smile. 

This book changed my perspective on stereotyping and judging others and their cultures.

She made me think twice.

Traveling gives me the greatest sense of independence.

Helping him helped me

He gives me honest love.

Finding those positives are important, and once you find them make sure and not to forget to add them into your life daily.


Finding the negatives…

She makes me feel so self-conscious about my lifestyle. 

He degrades me and pushes me down, destroying my self-esteem.

That magazine told me I’m not beautiful.

Why does that movie represent women as objects? Why does that song make women hoes, sluts and bitches?

Smoking has made climbing the stairs harder.

You make me so angry I could explode.

I am so jealous of her.

Yet the thing about subtracting the negatives is, is that you usually have forces making it feel impossible to do so. So we don’t ever subtract them, we hold onto them, and then throw the blame of why they are in our lives onto to something other than ourselves:

I’m addicted.

The media is pushed on me.

I love him.

All my friends invited me to go see that movie, I couldn’t say no.

There is always junk food in my house.

I don’t have time.

Nothing ever goes my way.

I’m not strong enough to change it.


And its hard. You have to make yourself strong. You have to be stronger than your negatives, and push them out. It’s only practice and experience that can make achieving balance easier- and it is this beautiful challenge, the finding of the things you love, the things that help you grow, and being able to let go of the rest, the negatives, that makes life the greatest equation.


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