Piano Piano: When life takes time.

-E uguale sono seduto fuori, o e piu soldi?

-No, it costs more to sit outside.

-Oh, okay. Grazie. Vorrei un panino con pomodori e formaggio e un acqua frizzante.

-Of course. And just to let you know, everywhere in Florence makes you pay to sit outside, we aren’t taking advantage of you.

Why does everyone speak to me in English? I know my Italian isn’t perfect, but come on people…

Do you ever have those moments where you feel incredibly frustrated with a situation and it seems that everyone you come in contact with knows whats wrong with you, and decides to aggravate you even more?

…Yeah, me too. 

That very thing happened to me this past Friday. Everyone, I mean everyone in Florence, was speaking to me in English. Yeah, I get it. Florence is a super touristy city and my Italian isn’t perfect, but I can get the idea across, and I understand fairly well. 

After getting a sandwich in a cafe and leaving in a sour mood, I headed towards the Tower of San Niccolo. My tour guide, who was a young Italian girl, spoke good English. After her tour was done I began chatting with her at the top of the tower. We got to talking about Art History and Florence, and we eventually began talking about language and language barriers. I expressed to her my frustrations about my Italian and how slowly it was coming along. She immediately switched to speaking with me in Italian. We talked for a good twenty minutes with really good understanding of each other, and she told me how she studied abroad in Spain. She expressed to me how frustrating the Spanish language was for her, and that with everything, it just takes time.

Ritorno qui un altro tempo e noi parliamo in Italiano. Ciao nuova amica, baci!

It’s comforting to know that right when life is getting you down, before you know it, if you let it, you can jump right back up again. It takes time, both with life and with relationships. If someone is offending you, maybe you aren’t giving the situation the time it deserves.

This week is all about making the time for things that matter, even if it feels inconvenient. Piano, piano.


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