You’re your own sunshine: Viareggio

I did it finally. I got myself to Viareggio- and the bumps and bruises made along the way made the trip all the more worthwhile. I not only had a wonderful day at the beach with people I love, but my knowledge of seeking happiness came closer to being full circle.

We had, you could say, a rough start. Late nights= late mornings, hangovers, and grumpiness due to lack of coffee. Yet after missing the first train, getting a cappuccino and recollecting, me and my friends were on our way to the beach and feeling much happier.

The train ride from Santa Maria Novella in Florence to Viareggio was about an hour and 45 minutes. With the 6,80 euro train ticket, the 1,50 euro pizza, snacks from home, and laying on the free beach- it was a cheap and wonderful way to spend a day in Italy.

There was actually waves, and the day was cloudless. I haven’t played in the waves since only God knows when, and walking through the streets of a much less touristy city than Florence was a wonderful change.

Sentimental sidenote: if you ever get the chance, please ride as many trains through Italy as you can! There really is nothing like finishing a day of exploring by sitting in a window seat on a train and watching the Italian country side fly by as the sun sets everything a glow.

It was a day were my nose did not only just get a little pinker, it was a day were I found memories. Cause it’s not about spending every waking moment worrying about rather your friends are happy- that’s impossible. It’s about making your self happy first: cause trust me, happiness spreads if your overflowing with it.

Nothing will ever be perfect, but if you let it, everyday can be filled with light and happiness when you’re your own sunshine.



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  1. sbarenberg

    Im being a creep and looking through this. But this made me happy!

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