You give me purpose.

It is kind of like you gave my life purpose… meaning. You know, the real shit.

There is something about being so close to someone who is completely different from you that can change your world. It’s that one person who you met, and you know your life is completely different because of the impact they had on your life. I met one of those people, and I am changed.

Do you ever wonder why someone is born addicted to drugs because of their mom and into a family with a dad that beats them? Do you ever wonder why some people are born into royalty and without a care in the world? It makes you see the world as unfair… it makes you doubt in things…

I watched you work 40 hour work weeks, go to school and still struggle. I watched you time after time have your car break down. I watched you slowly lose weight because you could only afford one or two meals there for awhile. I watched the police racially profile you, arrest and beat you. I watched the world be incredibly unfair to you, and it makes me angry.

I was angry when I heard that girl yelling at her mom to give her more money for a purse she HAD to have. I was angry when I was surrounded by rich sorority girls who drank their parents money away. I was angry when my friends went out to eat every night. And I am angry I can’t do anything for you because I depend on my parents money just like those people I despise…

I wish I could be more independent. I wish I could break free from my parents.

I watched you not only try and pay your own bills, but also having to help your parents pay theirs. You couldn’t break free from your parents, and neither could I. Our breaking frees were never the same. You were never like me. Being a grown up isn’t as fun as growing up.

I wish I could relate to you. But I can’t. but I know one thing for sure though: I view the world much differently now because I met you. No longer do I see going to a fancy private school a necessity to a successful life. No longer do I find material things quiet as important. I hate Christmas and the commercial thing it has become. I don’t think a car defines you, and neither does the clothes you wear  label you. I don’t see this world as fair, because I have seen how unfair it can be. I don’t think only hard workers make it in this world… cause I know a lot of lazy ass people sittin’ at the top. I want to change the world because of you. You give my life purpose… you know, the real shit. I don’t look for money in a man because I met you. You inspire me because you are the most inspiring person I have ever met.

I wish money didn’t clothe us or feed us… cause if not, you’d be the riches man in the world.


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