What’s on your Bucket List?: Listin’ it off!

Often I wonder about what all I will do in my life, all the places I will see, and the accomplishments I will achieve. It’s easy to daydream… I do it often 😉 But sometimes it’s even easier to get stuck in the day to day accomplishments and routines of daily living. If you know me at all, you know I am the queen of agenda books. I LOVE making lists (I make lists daily) and I love even more when I get to cross everything out for the day. But it has become really easy, at least for me, to forget about fulfilling those ‘lifetime goals’ of mine, those goals that never make it to my ‘To Do’ lists. So here it is, my bucket list. Maybe I won’t accomplish it all, maybe I will. But having a list of goals is definitely the first step to achieving them. What’s on your bucket life?

1. To set foot on each of the seven continents… even Antarctica.

2. Ride a camel or an elephant (basically just a large animal, hah)

3. Get married.

4. Be fluent in a language- and use it.

5. Travel India by train.

6. Go to Carnival in Rio de Janerio.

7. Surf. Or at least catch one wave 😉

8. Volunteer abroad.

9. Do some WOOFing.

10. Try veganism

11. See the Nile River.

12. Spend a night in a storied/historic hotel.

13. Have a spa weekend.

14. Experience the Japanese culture.

15. Go on a yoga retreat somewhere remote.

16. Plant a vegetable garden- and tend to it.

17. Inspire someone.

18. Stand on top of Table Mountain.

19. See all seven wonders of the world.

20. Go to Cuba

21. Host a study-abroad student

22. Live in New York City.

23. Run a half marathon.

24. Make a difference in someone’s life.

25. Ride in a hot-air balloon.

26. See the Northern Lights.

27. Plant a lime tree and watch it grow.

28. Learn to play the guitar

29. Take up Bachata dancing.

30. Go backpacking.

31. Make home-made Christmas cards, and send them out to all my family and friends.

32. Take care of my parents when they are old.

33. Reach my ideal weight.

34. Go to Iceland and soak in the thermal springs.

35. Go skiing.

36. Learn the art of photography.

37. Play blackjack in Vegas.

38. Learn how to say hello in 10 different languages- and do it.

39. Not watch TV or use the computer for a month.

40. Redecorate a room.

41. Fast and Pray for a day.

42. Help someone else fulfill a dream.


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