Paris: Daydreaming isn’t a crime

I have an idea for a new invention: an alarm clock that would not only allow you set the wake-up time at night, but to let you set the destination for where you’d want to wake up in in the morning (ahhh, to dream). If this wonderful invention was to exsit, my dial would be set to Paris.

Honestly, French is the sexiest language in the world. If you disagree, there is one of two options as to why: you have never had the mere pleasure to sit infront of a Frenchman and  be mesmerized by his French (and even though you have no idea what he is saying, you don’t give a damn, keep talking monsieur!), or your crazy! (haha, I kid. But really, thats how much I like French)

Why Paris:

  • The language (obviously).
  • Paris is a large city with tons of flowers, trees and greenery? GASP!
  • It’s a city of white in the day, but a city of gold at night.

  • The visible passion of French food and French people.
  • French cafes. Although I love the quick-Italian style of a coffee break, I much prefer the French way.
  • The art. Have you guys ever heard of Stendhal syndrome? Well that happens a lot, A LOT in Paris. I bout had an orgasm of joy in the Louvre it was that good
  • An perfectly acceptable perfect afternoon spent in Paris: lay in the grass, chat with friends, drink wine, eat fruit and cheese, enjoy a cigarette while watching passer by-ers, and of course, listening to the French language all around you. Perfect 🙂

If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.” Lin Yutang

The world is vast, and it is impossible to ever see it all. As a traveler, I shy away from returning to the places I have already been before because there is so much else I still need to see. But Paris, Paris is an exception I think I could revisit over and over again.

Paris, je t’amie


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