Philadelphia’s Magic Garden: A Cluster-Fuck of Awesomeness!

If you have ever walked around the city of Philadelphia, it becomes clear that history is not the only thing making it a special city- art seems to be exploding off the canvases and onto the city streets! Murals line the brick-buildings and funky shop after funky cafe line much of the famous South Street and the surrounding areas.

Isaiah Zagar’s, a award-winning moralist, works can be seen EVERYWHERE in Philadelphia! On the sidewalks, on random walls, and on street corners. You can discover his interesting style throughout the city and I think it really gives Philly a one-of-a-kind vibe I haven’t yet found in other major US cities. Isaiah’s work can be most admired at the Philadelphia’s Magic Garden. The Magic Garden is a non-profit, folk art, gallery space that has both in and out door galleries, all of which displays Zagar’s brilliant work.

He uses color, texture, objects and history to piece together his mosaics, and I will bet you five dollars the workers hear Holy shit, this is fuckin awesome, at least ten times everyday whenever visitors enter. It costs 5 dollars to get in the Magic Garden, but trust me, it is worth every penny!

Zagar’s artwork is heavily influenced by his travels and the personal connections he has made with international folk and visionary artists. Isaiah and his wife Julia completed three years of Peace Corps service in Peru in the mid-1960s, working with folk artists in the Puno region near Lake Titicaca. Soon after, they settled in Philadelphia and began their lifelong work of creating public art and fostering creativity in all its varied forms.

In addition to his three-year Peace Corps service in Peru, Isaiah has completed artist residencies in Tianjin, China and Rajisthan, India. He also participated in a residency at the Kohler Ceramic Factory in Wisconsin.

I mean really!? What a cool sounding guy.

Anyways, moral of the story: Philadelphia’s Magic Garden is a cluster-fuck of awesomeness, and I highly recommend it upon a trip to Philly!


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